About Us

Thirsty Minds Media & Design is organization dedicated to working with at-risk youth from East Texas. We created an innovative education and mentorship program for at-risk youth, aiming to offer an alternative path and help them reintegrate into society.

The program will target youth with a record of misdemeanors and offer them the opportunity to develop various skill sets that can help them get freelance, part or full time jobs, as well as also motivate them to finish school and gain a sense of community.

This program is in the early stages of its development, and is building support from experts, volunteers, community leaders, and donors. Once the program is launched, it will aim to achieve sustainability and create long term impacts for youth who need it most.

Our vision is to give At Risk Youth (A.R.Y.) an opportunity to choose an alternative life path.

What are we trying to tackle

Youth misbehavior is rising in many communities, manifesting itself by fights, gang involvement, shoplifting, burglary, and other gateway misdemeanors. Current measures taken by the justice system are insufficient, proven by high levels of recidivism among these youth.

Youth misbehavior

Programs that target youth who have a record of misbehavior in order to reintegrate them into society and offer alternative often fall short. Therefore those young people end up stigmatized and living with a record, which makes finding a place for themselves in the community difficult, and creating a new path all but impossible.

Lack of programs

Their families are not able to support professional development of this young people, when parents themselves often must hold down multiple part time jobs to make ends meet. A such, these young people are forced to raise themselves.

Economic Insecurity


To understand source of the problem we need to understand the underlying social and economic factors in Longview, Texas.

Population under the age of 18 makes about the quarter of the residents, creating young and vibrant community.

14% of the U.S. population lives under poverty line, with risks of poverty being higher among youth.

In Longview, Texas:

Families with children under the age of 18
Population under the age of 18
Families living under poverty line
Children under age of 18 under poverty line

Our MISSION is to provide high quality education and mentorship in computer game development that successfully targets at-risk youth.

What we do

Teach & Mentor

With help of tutors and mentors our participants are able to become skilled game designers.


During participation in the program we are helping participants to stay out of trouble.


After gaining skills participants are able to get in touch with gaming companies.

Our program

Skill sets available
Weeks long courses
Participant per course
Smiles created


2nd Largest Video Game Industry in the US

Gaming industry in State of Texas is in constant growth, surpassed only by one in California.

Over 18.000 Direct And Indirect Jobs in Texas

Number of jobs in the industry is on the rise, demanding more and more skilled labor to join.

Various Employment Chances

Employment in gaming industry is available on freelance, part or full time bases.

Get involved


Donations are used to adapt the space, secure equipment, fund personnel, and other costs central to operational start-up. We are open to donations in funds, as well as in-kind. Let us know how you would like to get involved.


We are looking for organizations, schools and universities, as well as companies who are willing to join us in our cause. Get in touch with us to join our program, or develop a new one in your community.

Stay Informed

Follow our blog, as well as our social media accounts to stay in touch with our program advancements, as well as community impact we are delivering. Feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions for improvements.


All donations to Thirsty Minds Media are considered charitable contributions and tax deductible-­‐according to 501(c)(3) application by the IRS.